Your best ally during home office

This tough situation to which the coronavirus has subjected us does not have to be negative. We can benefit and help our skin to make it look healthier and more beautiful than ever.

We live in a world that changes at a vertiginous speed where we must adapt the same or faster. Technology is always at the forefront of these changes in our daily life, as with the so-called multi-screen effect, for example. As result of these screens we receive a large number of blue light impacts from mobiles, computers, tablets, televisions and other devices that end up making an a dent in our skin: dehydration, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

However, house office can also be profitable. Keep in hand your skintsugi anti-pollution energy rescue mist that soothes and comforts the skin while providing energy and recovering instantly your skin. The blue light from the computers or mobile phones will not be a threat anymore. Take advantage of the situation and rejuvenate while you work. Thank to its blumilihgt technology, it forms an invisible protective veil against blue light and the enviromental pollution responsible for dehydration, skin discomfort and premature skin aging. In addition, its portable size makes it ideal to have on your desk or take it wherever you need.

Reinforce your defense against the blue light these days of home office with the invisible shield that rescues the skin: skintsugi anti-pollution energy rescue mist.

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