Double serum, which is basically the ideal combination of two different formulas in a single package, giving you 2 serums in 1. An aqueous phase and a lipid phase, that blend perfectly when you apply them, recreating the skin barrier.

But we’ll explain it simplier: when you apply the double serum, the combination of both phases on your facial skin produces a powerful instant effect and facilitates the absorption of the product. Both textures blend together, everything becomes light, pleasant, silky and the penetration is perfect. As soon as you apply it, your skin takes on different appearance… it’s a revitalising injection.

Serums are characterised by the presence of very highly-concentrated active ingredients, and here we have a double dosage. Contrary to the belief that serum is only suitable for mature skin, we can and should use it at any age. It is precisely for this reason that there are different types of serums that are adapted to the needs of each type of skin: moisturising, nourishing, antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-ageing, energising, repairing, etc.

The secret is the combination of two powerful cosmetics, in the same package with an advanced-technology dispenser, which complement each other when you apply the product.

The applicator allows the synergy of the active ingredients of each formula, bringing them together in a single product that, at in same moment, become a solution of maximum concentration. The result is a unique “second skin” effect that facilitates absorption. And since it is lighter than a cream, with a dual texture and high concentration of active ingredients, the serum smoothes, protects and strengthens your skin’s protective barrier.

The most advanced formulation, the unique packaging with two compartments, and the specially developed applicator are three reasons for the success of the dual-textured serum which, in addition to improving the characteristics of your skin, enhances the results of any other treatment. A true revolution in the world of cosmetics.

We could continue writing about how effective and scientifically advanced the double serum is, but no matter how much more we tell you, there are some things you won’t understand until you have experienced them for yourself, and this is one of them. To understand everything we’ve said here, you just have to try it. Feel it working on your skin, you’ll immediately notice its repairing effect. You’ll experience a surprising sensation of care, science and beauty on your skin, all in just one product and package.

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