No-filter beauty

Natural beauty is something that, over the years, is increasingly being hidden from reality. From the first time we experimented with our mother’s makeup, making our lips and cheeks rosy red, to the years that followed, when we concealed our imperfections in our efforts to look like our favourite actresses and influencers with their almost flawless skin.

Each night we took off that mask, revealing our true self, the one that was hidden under the layer of foundation, concealer and blusher.

With the arrival of social networks we were spared some work thanks to filters that automatically made our skin look “perfect” without us having to apply all those layers of makeup – we could even have slightly larger eyes if we wanted. All this has resulted in a distortion of real beauty and the image we have of beauty, since we no longer see anyone showing their true face. There has recently been a movement to promote the recovery of beauty without filters – and not only social network filters, but also the numerous base layers that we apply to our skin.

Coco Chanel said that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself, and that’s why Skintsugi wants to bring out your true beauty.

This means no covering up of any wrinkles, blemishes, or that even spot that’s been bugging you. Instead, we offer you facial care routines that focus on treating each of your skin’s needs, so that it always looks cared for. And, recovering the ancient Japanese technique of kintsugi, we will “paint” your “cracks” with a fine golden thread that will make you and your skin an even more beautiful work of art.

Check out our skin diagnostic tool and find the right skincare routine for you, so that your real beauty can be seen – with no filter.


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