Night balms that act while you sleep

Any time is a good time to start taking care of your skin. It’s there with us throughout our lives so we should look after it and protect it. You may not yet have an established skincare routine, but don’t worry, it’s never too late to start. In our skintsugi blog today we’ll give you a few pointers for a night-time skincare routine.


A night-time routine is essential if you want to keep your skin looking young for longer.

These days we’re more aware than ever of the importance of hand hygiene, but we also need to realise the importance of cleansing our face. The skin is exposed to many external agents throughout the day, such as pollution, make-up residue, sweat, etc. So the first step in any night-time routine should be cleansing. And skintsugi has just the right product for you, whatever your skin type.

The night-time range is formed of night balms that act while you sleep.

The different balms give a sense of relaxation and calm, and when you awake in the morning you can see their effects.

There are four different skintsugi balms to choose from:

Oxygenating Detox Balm: Provides oxygen and energy to skin that is fatigued and exposed to dirt and pollution.

Glow-Activating Peeling Balm: With a controlled peeling effect that guarantees safe and effective exfoliation.

Age Recovery Nutri-Balm: Synchronises the cellular biological clock by activating the skin’s nocturnal regeneration mechanism.

Redness and Blemish Repair Balm: Controls excess oil, soothes, neutralises redness and minimises pores.

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