On the go Cosmetics

A getaway just for pleasure, a business trip, a night out after a hard day’s work, an unexpected meeting… This is our life in 2019: fast, intense, exciting, and always unexpected. Every day requires instant solutions to keep up with our pace of life. 

  • Efficacy + immediacy is the formula that follows your rhythm and makes sure that you’re always prepared. The current line of cosmetics based on this magic formula is called On the go, it’s about reinvented cosmetics.
  • On the go is the latest in cosmetics, a veritable revolution based on the concept of portable and multipurpose cosmetics; basically, cosmetics  reinvented for today’s world.
  • On the go products are portable, since they fit into any bag, toilet bag or even in your pocket, making them an emergency stand-by ally to take with you around the world, whatever you do.  
  • They’re multifunctional, since they can fix make up, disguise wrinkles, calm and comfort the skin, and protect it from the aggressions of solar radiation and environmental pollution. A 4 in 1 product with more effective and long-lasting results than traditional cosmetics.

On the go cosmetics, also known as flash cosmetics, are very easy to apply and all the packaging is conceived and designed to make the application of the product convenient, simple and precise. There are syringe applicators that ensure that each drop of product is applied in the exact place, sealed airless containers to prevent the entry of air and thus ensure the quality and conservation of the product, single-dose anti-pollution formats, containers with built-in brushes, and containers with a roll on so you don’t have to touch the product with your hands.

Innovation and research into new formulas is another strong point of On the go cosmetics. These are latest-generation products that are more concentrated, have more powerful cosmetic active ingredients and are manufactured using the most cutting-edge technology. All this gives more effective, visible and faster results, with longer-lasting effects.

Our pace of life these days is fast, and your skin too suffers from stress, effort and lack of sleep, but you still want your skin to look fresh and radiant. It’s not a miracle, it’s just science and technology contained in a practical format.

On the go acts instantly, firming the skin, restoring lost luminosity and camouflaging wrinkles and spots. Emergency products that act immediately, designed to get you out of any predicament and instantly improving your appearance by eliminating any signs of fatigue or stress. At any time, or in any situation, you’ll have in your bag an immediate, guaranteed, effective and long-lasting solution: Wherever you are, spray your face, apply a single-dose ampoule or enjoy a cooling touch with a ceramic applicator, and you’ll always look perfect.

Instant solutions when you need them most, that will get you out of unexpected situations such as a selfie for your Instagram account, an unexpected appointment after an exhausting day or a meeting after waiting for hours at an airport. A practical solution, really useful and almost magical, created for taking on the 21st century and making the world we live in much more pleasant.


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