Your lifeline

2021 is now drawing to a close. Although it hasn’t been as tough as 2020, it has still been a difficult year. We’ve had to make an extra effort and to learn to live with something that made us fearful and anxious, but which can no longer prevent us from  making the most of every moment of our lives.

This year we’ve finally been able to reconnect with the people we missed so much in 2020, those who supported us when we needed them. That person who, when the phone rings, seems to have read our mind; who appears when we don’t even realise we need them and gets us out of the house to get that vital air into our lungs, to breathe deeply and help us deal with our worries and problems.

At Skintsugi we know this person is important in our life, which is why today we dedicate this article to them, to thank them for being there and for being our lifeline.

The Japanese Kintsugi technique can be seen as metaphor, the fine golden thread being the lifeline, that which unites us, comforts us and makes us feel secure, a resistant “piece” with a lot of life still ahead of us. And our products and skincare routines are conceived in the same way – as a lifeline for your skin, a treatment that makes it a vital work of art, with a few little “cracks” but restored by the best products for your skin. For wrinkles, spots, redness, acne, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and dull, oxidised skin.

To thank all these lifelines, as well as creating these skincare routines, we’ve also created a video clip that we’ll post next Monday 29 at 12 noon on our Instagram account @skintsugiofficial.

See you there!

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