The benefits of antioxidants and the best Skintsugi skin care routine for you

Preventing the ageing of the skin is one of the main aims of facial skin care routines, especially when we reach a certain age. For this, products containing antioxidants are highly recommended, along with sun protection.

What are antioxidants?

The skin is formed of cells that develop, mature and then die. The integrity of these cells is compromised by free radicals generated by our body. An excess of free radicals, caused by factors such as smoking and exposure to the sun, eventually leads to oxidation of the cells and, as a result,  premature ageing.

Our body has its own antioxidant system, but it unfortunately becomes less effective over time. For this reason, applying antioxidants to the skin in the form of cosmetic products helps prevent premature ageing.

Find the perfect Skintsugi facial skin care routine for oxidised skin

Our cosmetic products contain different types of antioxidants. The best skin care routine always starts with cleansing, and the perfect product for this is our Tri-phase Micellar Cleansing Water. You can follow this up with the Skintsugi Water Light cream for daytime and our Oxygenating Detox Balm for nighttime skin care. As a complementary product, try our DETOX & DEFENCE Double Serum. Now we’ll explain the type of antioxidants that these products contain. 

The Tri-Phase Micellar Cleansing Water hydrates and illuminates the skin and eliminates air pollution particles. It contains stabilised vitamin C, which is the best-known antioxidant due to its power and effectiveness. It protects the skin from free radicals, evens skin tone and prevents dark spots. 

The illuminating moisturising Water Light Cream contains concentrated dual hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisturisation. Its high concentration of stabilised vitamin C has a clarifying action that promotes an even skin tone and leaves the skin looking radiant and revitalised. It prevents photo-ageing thanks to a sun protection factor of 30 and enhances the natural radiance of the skin without leaving shine.

The Skintsugi Oxygenating Detox Balm incorporates anti-pollution technology that helps oxygenate and revitalise tired skin as well as detoxifying it against pollutants. Its light, aqueous texture is quickly absorbed into the skin and, when you awake in the morning, the signs of tiredness and stress will have disappeared.

Our DETOX & DEFENCE Double Serum boosts protection and acts as an ANTIOXIDANT against free radicals. The combination of 10% stabilised vitamin C and a cocktail of seven plant extracts make it a powerful antioxidant and detox product.

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