The beauty of the eyes

We did not hear anything about masks other than in hospital tv shows. The hydroalcoholic gel rested on a shelf in pharmacies and we did not know what a coronavirus was. In that time, we used to say: “the smile is the mirror of the soul”. However, in just a few months this has changed completely, and the smile is hidden behind our masks being reserved only for our closest people. This whole situation has led to new concerns regarding beauty and personal care. Few weeks ago, we spoke about the new skin disorder “maskne”. Today, we will talk about the importance of the eyes beauty that has become one of the top facial care concerns in several rankings.

The first thing we need to know is that the eye contour is very delicate being thinner than in other part of the body. For this reason, dehydration and wrinkles wrinkles could appear easily. We blink more than 10 times in just 1 minute performing countless eye contractions in charge of protecting and hydrating our eyes while trying to expel possible particles such as dust and sand as well.

Now that the eyes have become protagonists no one wants puffiness or dark circles so we must emphasize the eye contour care. We recommend the application of the skintsugi illuminating eye cream dark circles and puffiness reducer daily both morning and night. With light texture quickly absorbed, it has been formulated to revitalize the look with a single touch and from the very first moment thanks to its ceramic applicator that enhances the draining and refreshing action. Furthermore, it has been enriched with active ingredients that work synergically to illuminate the look with a flash effect such as: caffeine, stabilized vitamin C and luminous pigments.

When we used to walk down the street, we did not make eye contact with people surrounding since it was something very intimate. Now, those looks are the connection that keep us in touch. We have learned to smile with our eyes and express our emotions through them. From skintsugi we want your eyes to shine and feel better behind the mask: beautiful, sure of yourself and living each second to the last. Bring light to the people around you and try to shorten the distance that separates us.

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