Sun spots? Dryness? 5 tips to take care of your skin after the summer.

The sun is essential for life and provides real benefits for the body. However, we must be very careful since it can also cause dryness, loss of luminosity and the appearance of spots on the skin.

In summer our skin is completely exposed to external agents that damage it. Among them, prolonged sun exposure, but also chlorine or salt, which can cause the skin to appear duller and dehydrated. Therefore, after the holidays it is important to take care of the skin to restore its beauty.

Check out the best tips to take care of your skin after the summer:

1- Exfoliate your skin: Exfoliation is together with hydration the basis for healthy and smooth skin after the summer. We remove dead skin cells, clean the pores and renew the dermis. Skin regains its luminosity and eliminates small superficial spots.

Thanks to exfoliation it is possible to reduce skin impurities and achieve a much healthier appearance. At the same time we will be promoting the natural renewal of the dermis for a skin with extra luminosity. Exfoliation must be a key stage in your daily care routine.

We can find two types of exfoliation:

Chemical exfoliation: linked to alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA / BHA) or enzymes that favor the renewal process from the deepest layers. Being, in general, deeper and more intense.

Physical exfoliation: small solid particles that perform a mechanical exfoliation by applying them to the skin.

How can we maximize the results? Combining both types in a single product. Skintsugi micro exfoliating gel is a DOUBLE ACTION gentle purifying facial scrub that stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration. A perfect balance between the power of a mechanical exfoliation, the peeling effect and optimal tolerance for all skin types.


2- Hygiene: Cleaning is the first stop for a healthier and more beautiful skin. After the summer our skin can be dry and tight, so we should use cleansing products that allow you to clean in depth and take care of the skin.

Skintsugi’s triphasic micellar water and its triple formula combine cleansing, makeup removal and skin care in a single gesture. While we remove impurities, we deeply hydrate and enhance the skin’s natural radiance.

3-Hydration: The sun and the summer heat dry the skin and it needs extra hydration. It is important to hydrate ourselves both internally, consuming a greater amount of water, and externally through the application of topical cosmetics.

In this way, we will recover the structural integrity of the dermis and we will enjoy a much smoother and more elastic skin. A hydrated skin is a healthy skin.

We have previously talked about hydration and its star active ingredient hyaluronic acid capable of retaining a large amount of water and deeply hydrating the skin.

4- Anti-dark spots care: The sun is very beneficial but it also can be harmful. One of the negative consequences of ultraviolet radiation is the appearance of spots on the skin.

To combat their presence on our face we must usr on depigmenting products that will get rid of blemishes and spots. Forget about imperfections and enjoy a face with a homogeneous and luminous tone

skintsugi’s anti-dark spot unifying cream fights spots regardless of their origin (sun exposure, acne, aging…). Clarifies the intensity of the spots and prevents their appearance. This preventive and corrective action is enriched with SPF30 that is recommended for use throughout the year. In addition, it can be used in pregnant women.

5- Complementary treatment: The skin has a natural defense against the sun. However, we must strengthen it throughout the year and especially after long exposures. The sun generates molecules in our cells that can end up damaging them. These molecules are called free radicals. The Detox & defense double concentrated detox serum helps us neutralize these free radicals, preventing negative effects on the skin: wrinkles, lack of elasticity, dehydration, etc …


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