Protect your skin against blemishes

The long-awaited summer is finally here, and we’re eager to build up a nice tan to show off our favourite summer clothes. However, we shouldn’t forget that, the sun can be very harmful to our skin, and although it also has a number of benefits, we must use it responsibly.

The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D. When the skin receives ultraviolet radiation through exposure the body manufactures Vitamin D, which is then metabolised and converted into its active form to facilitate the absorption and deposition of calcium in our bones. It also has therapeutic properties – it has an important anti-inflammatory effect in some dermatological diseases and helps to prevent and control acne. However, we should protect our skin from the sun in order to enjoy its positive benefits without its harmful effects.

Now, in summer, it is essential to use sun protection during all hours of sunshine. This is why practically all of our day creams have an SPF 30 protection factor, which allows you to combine sun protection with the specific treatment your skin needs.

Today we want to tell you more about one of our favorites, Mela White, the anti-dark spot and skin tone unifying cream, a powerful ally against spots.

This depigmenting day cream stands out for its combination of corrective and preventive action against spots, whatever their origin (sun exposure, acne, ageing).

Its preventive action protects against the sun, which is the main cause of pigmentation changes in our skin. The focal action on the pigmented area intervenes in the melanin formation process.

– It blocks the signal for pigment formation

– Inhibits the passage of pigment to the internal skin cells

– Promotes pigment degradation

Suitable for all skin types and during pregnancy, it is recommended for use all year round for a more complete action. You can find the ideal products for a complete anti-spot routine in our online shop, which combines Mela White with the tri-phase micellar cleansing water and the glow-activating peeling balm.

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