Skintsugi cleansing

A daily ritual reinvented to make it a moment to enjoy.
Each woman’s skin is unique, and that’s why every skintsugi product is custom designed to adapt to the daily cleansing needs of each woman.
And most importantly, they do more than just cleanse, they: remove make-up, moisturize, illuminate, rejuvenate and purify…
And, in addition to all that, they prepare the skin so that the effectiveness of the subsequent treatment is multiplied.

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Skintsugi Day

Sun, wind, cold, heat, pollution, humidity, microorganisms…
Every day the skin is exposed to numerous external agents, which are constant aggressions.
The Skintsugi day range provides the care and protection that your skin needs to stay naturally beautiful and healthy throughout the day.
A ritual of tailored treatments that include a combination of special products that act specifically for each need and skin type.

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Skintsugi Night

The perfect time for our skin to regenerate is while we are asleep.
Peace and relaxation as the skin breathes and recharges its vital elements.
But help from a specific product is essential.
And when you wake up…
The signs of tiredness are gone.
Your features are rested and smoothed.
Your complexion is fresh and your face radiant.

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Skintsugi Beauty Flash

Haven’t slept much? A very busy day at work? An unexpected meeting? Do you need to rescue your skin with immediate action?
BEAUTY FLASH offers instant, effective solutions that work miracles in just a few minutes to restore the unique appearance, glow and light of your skin.
Ampules, mists, anti-wrinkle creams, eye contour illuminators… a variety of products that immediately restore the beauty and vitality of every skin type.
Great allies that will rejuvenate your face in a matter of seconds.

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