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What makes it different
  • Tested on sensitive skin.
  • Improves the health of the skin.
  • Preventive and corrective action.
  • Innovative formula with prebiotics.
  • Airless packaging.
  • Clinically and dermatologically tested.

Keep calm

Anti-redness soothing cream.

The challenge to keep calm.


Anti-redness facial day cream, soothing and protective, and specially formulated to calm and comfort the skin.

Immediate action that instantly camouflages the reddish tone of the skin thanks to the green interference pigments that act as optical correctors.

With high sun protection factor SPF 30.          

The prebiotics help to maintain the delicate balance of the skin’s flora and thus improve the skin’s resistance and defence when faced with external irritants or changes in the weather.

What is it for?

  • Prevents and/or reduces skin redness.
  • Relieves itching, irritation and tightness.
  • For sensitive, reactive skin that requires special care.

Key ingredients

  • Azeloglycine.
  • Prebiotics.
  • Extract of Sens´flower (saffron flower).
  • Boswellic acids.
  • Green interference pigments.

Easy application ritual

  • Apply evenly in the morning to clean, dry skin on the face and neck.
  • Massage gently until completely absorbed.

Frequency of use

Every morning.

Visible results*

  • – 90%Less redness.
  • – 90%Less intensity and frequency of redness.
  • + 95%Soothing and repairing action.
  • + 95%Relief from itching and irritation.

* clinical study carried out on 20 women for 28 days.

Customer reviews
  • My skin is easily irritated and I have found “KEEP CALM” to be perfect for relieving redness and itching. It has quickly become my must-have complementary product.

    María Belmonte
  • I have a problem with sensitive skin. Finding this cream has been fantastic. I notice that my skin is calmer and, as it has a sun protection factor of 30, I feel more relaxed knowing that my skin is more protected, and I have less redness. If you have problems with sensitive skin, then this moisturiser is just right for you!

    Alicia Calatayud

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