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What makes it different
  • Ultra-powerful formula.
  • Boosts collagen + elastin.
  • In & Out firming action.
    • Immediate V-lift effect.
    • Quickly-absorbed rich texture.
  • High sun protection factor SPF 30.
  • Clinically and dermatologically tested.

Age reverse

Advanced anti-wrinkle facelift cream.

Science and nature united against the passage of time.


Anti-ageing day cream with a rich, silky texture that is immediately absorbed into the skin. Combines the regenerating power of nature and science thanks to its natural active ingredients, which are standard in dermatology. With high sun protection factor SPF 30.

Extract of centella asiatica – the “longevity herb”:  one of Asia’s best-kept beauty secrets. With its excellent restorative properties, it is also known as ‘tiger grass’ because, according to legend, tigers rolled in it to soothe their wounds.

Bio Retinol: innovative alternative to the traditional form, an important ingredient in dermatology, without any side effects (irritation, photosensitivity, instability).

Triple-peptide system + organic silicon: boosts the formation of collagen.

V-lift technology – marine biotechnological microorganism with immediate lifting effect. 

What is it for?

  • Reverses the signs of ageing: dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, flaccidity, lack of elasticity.
  • Remodels the contour of the face.
  • For all skin types.

Key ingredients

  • Extract of centella asiatica.
  • Bio Retinol (bidens pilosa extract).
  • V-lift technology – marine microorganism.
  • Triple-peptide system.
  • Organic silicon.

Easy application ritual

  • Apply evenly to clean, dry skin on the face and neck.
  • Massage gently until completely absorbed.
  • To enhance the results, use the Skintsugui DETOX DEFENCE double serum as a base treatment.

Frequency of use

Every morning.

Visible results*

  • + 100%Moisturised skin.
  • + 95%Smoothness, elasticity and firmness.
  • + 89%More compact, redensified skin.
  • + 84%Immediate tightening effect.
  • – 79%Reduction of expression lines.

* clinical study carried out on 19 women for 21 days.

Customer reviews
  • I’ve always been very sceptical about anti-ageing products but skintsugi’s Age Reverse has me convinced. I’m very happy with the results, I notice that my skin looks much younger since I started using it.

    Rosario González
  • I’ve tried several different anti-ageing products and the truth is that some of them worked well enough, but didn’t totally convince me. However, with this product I notice that my skin has changed, it’s now much softer and firmer. Very happy with the results.

    Leticia Ripoll

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