MASKNE, the new acne

2020 has been a year that has changed our lifestyle 100%. It has forced us to stop and adapt to many new things where we must learn to live on this new normality. What is worse is that it seems that from now on we will have to continue like this without knowing when it will end.

Maskne is one of the new problems that appear because of Covid-19. It comes from the mixture of the word mask with acne and it is a skin disorder that shows up due to the continued use of the mask on sensitive skin. Surely many of you have noticed how the skin on your cheeks and the chin area is more sensitive and may appear some pimples. Do not be worry because it has an easy solution but do not leave your mask behind.

When we use the mask indoors, a warm and humid environment is created because of respiration, sweat, sebaceous secretions and/or bacteria. Added to the friction of the mask on the skin causes the opening of the pores and consequently the undesirable blemishes, pimples and even wounds appear in some cases.

Different routines, for each skin type

We must not panic and treat our skin the correct way with a proper cleansing and hydration routine. Therefore, we must avoid touching these marks since this can make this acne outbreak much worse.

The routine that we must choose must be adapted to the needs of our skin. That is depending on whether we have more or less oily skin the cleansing products should be more or less greasy. We recommend jelly soap purifying cleanser day and night on oily skin to cleanse our skin 100% of impurities and help to eliminate possible residues acquired throughout the day and derived from the use of masks.


Hydration is also essential. So, we recommend you keep the cream that best suits your skin type because each one does not need the same type of hydration. Use perfect balance mattifying oil-control gel for oily skin and keep calm anti-redness soothing cream for sensitive one. Do not forge to enhance your daily results with an intensive night treatment where you may choose among the different skintsugi balm possibilities.


From skintsugi we give you these advices by remembering two essential steps in your beauty routine: deep cleansing and hydration. This way we will achieve a good relationship with our mask, which will help us so much as a barrier against Covid-19.

Protected skin cared for and hydrated to get the best out of itself. If you have any questions about which skintsugi routine to use against maskne please write below in comments or ask us on our Social Networks @skintsugiofficial. We will be pleased to help you.

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