Kintsugi, the beauty of life’s scars

Our skin reflects who we are and who we were. Everything we have been through is marked in our skin. Scars that we try to hide. However, from the imperfections the true beauty of each one is born, different, unique, and extraordinary.

There is an art in Japan called kintsugi that repairs broken ceramic pieces by filling cracks with gold resins. It is but a metaphor that teaches us that we must celebrate the scars of life, embrace our imperfections, and observe the beauty that they reveal by their own.

In our experiences we find our identity and it is up to us to choose if we want to paint our broken pieces in gold and make them our banner. Fill in those cracks and accentuate the beauty of what made us suffer, showing with pride the scars that have made us grow.

In overcoming lies the history of each one, the struggle and the inner strength.

Inspired by this philosophy, skintsugi was born, the art of caring for and restoring the skin. Because the skin is unique, each skintsugi product is a repairing element that responds to the specific needs of your skin and enhances its natural beauty.

Like the art of kintsugi, it enhances the beauty of something that once broke but now has a story to show off and tell.

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