Jeju the natural storehouses of Korean cosmetics.

Skintsugi products are formulated with the latest generation of premium active ingredients to ensure excellent efficacy. Skintsugi fuses science and beauty by incorporating the world’s latest innovations in dermatology and facial cosmetics, taking the art of skin care to its highest level. The ingredients used in each skintsugi product are standard in the field of dermatology and are perfectly formulated to enhance the results on your skin.

Two of the ingredients that we’re often asked about are the purified volcanic water and marine microalgae from Jeju Island, South Korea. Yes, they come straight from South Korea to our laboratories for the manufacture and development of two of our products: the Tri-Phase Micellar Water and the Jelly Soap Purifying Cleanser. Both of these products have a deep cleansing and purifying action on the skin.

Now we’ll tell you a little more about the origin of these natural ingredients that are so beneficial for our skin. Jeju Island is situated in the Korea Strait and belongs to South Korea. It has a tropical climate and is much warmer than the rest of the country, which automatically makes it a reservoir of natural ingredients. But the main attraction of this location is not its fabulous climate, but its volcanic soil and geothermal springs. This explains why Jeju Island is said to be one of the natural storehouses of Korean cosmetics.

The location and characteristics of Jeju Island make it more of a beauty destination than a holiday destination:

Its water is an excellent moisturiser, being a powerful source of vitamins. And the soil here is rich in minerals, which is why the plants and different types of seaweed red, green and brown act as a natural antiseptic that also deeply cleanses the skin.

All these beneficial characteristics make Jeju Island a wonderful source of ingredients for two of skintsugi’s cleansing products.

The first of these is the Tri-Phase Micellar Water. In addition to being three-phase it also, in a single gesture, cleanses and removes even the most resistant make-up and cares for the skin through its moisturising, illuminating and anti-pollution effect. The second product is the Jelly Soap Purifying Cleanser, recommended for oily skin, which deeply cleanses and leaves the skin feeling instantly fresh and revitalised.

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