Do we need anti-pollution cosmetics?

We have all heard about how exposed we are to pollution and its harmful effects on the body. At first it might seem like a passing trend, but the truth is that it is a trend that is born of a need because pollution affects (and a lot) your beauty.

How is your skin affected?

Continuous exposure to contamination accelerates oxidative stress on cells, resulting in premature aging: wrinkles, flaccidity or lack of luminosity. In addition to other signs such as: spots, dehydration, dull appearance, and imperfections.

The 4 cosmetics that you must not miss from your routine:

Tri-phase micellar water:

Gentle facial cleansing that reinforces the skin’s barrier function. In this way, the skin will know how to protect itself from toxins.



Exfoliating volcanic micro gel:

Using it 1 or 2 times a week will help purify your skin and make it appear smoother and brighter.



Water light: moisturising radiance cream SPF30

Moisturizer with broad spectrum UVB and UVA filters that act as a protective shield against solar radiation and pollution while illuminates and deeply hydrates the skin.




Energizing anti-pollution mist:

If you work in front of the computer and spend many hours connected, this mist is your best ally thanks to its invisible protection against blue light. Prevent from all consequences of blue-light damage such as premature aging.

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