Bio-retinol: Efficacy and tolerance anti-aging

The skin begins to change with the passage of time and its protective barrier function progressively weakens. In addition, the synthesis of proteins such as collagen or elastin is also affected, causing lack of firmness and elasticity. First wrinkles, fine lines and loss of volume and density begin to appear.

However, many other factors are interacting with the skin and may have an impact on it. These different external agents such as the sun or pollution and our lifestyle will directly influence in the appearance of signs of aging.

Cosmetics are presented as the ideal solution for the skin and preserving its youth. Fundamentally, they are aimed at preserving the functions of the three layers of the skin achieving:

– Increase and enhance the skin’s barrier functionality with the adequate supply of hydration. We will avoid dryness.

– Stimulate the natural renewal process of the skin. The skin will look much more renewed and luminous.

– Reconstruct and strengthen structural functions by increasing the synthesis of the proteins involved. Elastic skin while eliminating wrinkles and expression lines.

Retinol (derived from Vitamin A) is one of the most demanded active ingredients to combat the effects of the sun and the passage of time on the skin. This anti-aging effect makes it a benchmark active ingredient that smoothes wrinkles, lightens blemishes, improves skin texture and enhances its natural radiance.

However, recent studies confirm that retinol is not as safe as initially thought. Side effects such as redness, irritation, burning, itching, peeling of the skin and significant sensitivity to sunlight have been detected. The prohibition of being used in pregnant women and / or infants as well.

Bio-retinol: Efficacy and tolerance anti-aging

Bio-retinol is a natural origin derivative of vitamin A obtained from plant extracts (Bidens pilosa). Innovative alternative to the classic form of retinol with a higher tolerance. In this way, we achieve all the anti-aging benefits of the retinol family avoiding the side effects derived from their use.

It is a very complete active ingredient that stands out for its effectiveness in treating the effects of aging and photoaging. In addition, thanks to its characteristics it provides a renewing, illuminating and sebum-regulating effect which increases its indications and benefits for the skin:

Reduces wrinkles and expression lines: it promotes the synthesis of collagen and other structural proteins that provide firmness and reinforce the structure of the skin. As a result, the skin appears firm, smooth and elastic. Wrinkles are filled in and fine lines are removed for a youthful, flawless face.

Antioxidant and senescence regulator: neutralizes free radicals that are capable of generating harmful substances that cause inflammation and injury in neighboring cells. Thanks to its antioxidant power, it becomes a great ally against the effects of the sun on the skin such as wrinkles, spots, etc …

Tolerant with the skin: regulates the key inflammatory mediators responsible for the side effects of retinoids. Avoids irritations.

Improves skin texture: promotes natural renewal, resulting in soft and luminous skin.

– Regulates the oil production reduces the excessive production of sebum and helps to minimize pores.

Strengthens the defense and functionality of the skin barrier. It reaches deep layers of the skin by reinforcing the barrier functiontionality and reconstituting its structure from the inside.

Endorsed by a multitude of clinical tests its proven efficacy and tolerance yield results that increase skin elasticity, redensify the dermis, reduce hyperpigmentation, improve skin texture and eliminate deep wrinkles.

skintsugi, always at the vanguard of innovation, incorporates bio-retinol in two of its products:

Age Reverse advanced anti-wrinkle facelift cream

Science and nature united against the passage of time. This anti-aging cream has a rich, silky texture that immediately melts into the skin. It combines all the regenerative power of nature and science thanks to its active ingredients of natural origin and reference in dermatology.

Its ultra-powerful formula is enriched with bioretinol, enhancing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The synergy of its active ingredients performs an in & out firming action. Firms the skin and reshapes the contour of the face.

Its high sun protection factor (SPF30) reinforces the defense against the sun and contributes to prevent photoaging.

Precision wrinkle filler

The filling power that erases wrinkles. It is a highly concentrated serum that acts directly on the heart of the wrinkle and fills it in from the inside. Restores volume, leaving skin plumper.

Thanks to its composition, it is effective in removing wrinkles in the facial area. As result, a smooth and firm skin.

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