Balms. How to use them, and why they are a winter must-have

Balms, inherited from Ancient Greece, were recovered by the cosmetics industry which revolutionised the formulas and thus expanded their uses. They are an absolute must-have for the winter months.

If you find that your skin is feeling drier, tighter and duller over time, it is probably because the ceramides naturally found in your skin have started to diminish.

What are ceramides? They are a type of intercellular lipid found in the skin, whose function is to bind the cells together. They protect the skin against environmental aggressors.

Ceramides 3, 6 and 9:

  • Strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function
  • Boost hydration
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

Find the right Skintsugi balm for you

At Skintsugi we know how important balms are for the skin, so we have developed different balms for specific needs. These include the Oxygenating Detox Balm; Glow Activating Peeling Balm; Age Recovery Nutri Balm and the Redness and Blemish Repair Balm.

Our Oxygenating Detox Balm is the solution to stress and pollution. It brings oxygen and energy to tired skin and detoxifies it, eliminating the effects of pollution. Its light, aqueous gel texture is absorbed quickly into the skin and acts overnight so that, by morning, the signs of fatigue have disappeared. Its Hydra 02 complex, anti-pollution technology and the biotechnological complex of detoxifying marine microalgae from the island of Juju help the skin to rest.

The Glow Activating Peeling Balm gives you a fresh start every morning. This peeling effect balm provides safe and effective exfoliation. Its ingredients include bamboo extract from Jeju Jori Island, daisy flower extract, alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic and mandelic acid) and a complex of fruit acids of natural origin. The combination of these renewing and clarifying active ingredients creates a perfect synergy so that you wake up with smooth, radiant skin. 

The Age Recovery Nutri Balm activates the skin’s night-time regeneration mechanism. It effectively combats the signs of ageing, such as dehydration and wrinkles, during the night. So, when you awake, your skin looks visibly younger. It contains centella asiatica extract, chronopeptides and a firming and redensifying complex. It strengthens, protects and moisturises the skin’s barrier and boosts its natural regeneration mechanisms. 

Our last balm is the Redness and Blemish Repair Balm. It has one clear objective: zero imperfections. It is an intensive care balm that restores comfort and the skin’s natural balance overnight, controlling excess oil, neutralising redness, soothing and minimising pores. It contains prebiotics, azeloglycine and niacinamide which strengthen, protect and moisturise the skin’s barrier, making it more resistant. 

Fancy checking out the power of our balms? Find the one that best suits your skin and enjoy all its benefits.

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