At Skintsugi we propose you the best resolutions in 2022 for your skin care

We leave behind the year 2021 to enter the new year 2022. During this year, we make different resolutions, either personal or professional. In addition, we can also consider them for the care and pampering of our body and skin. Balanced diet and sport are the star resolutions, but what if the time has come for you to take seriously the way you take care of your skin? 2022 and especially Skintsugi, offer you a new opportunity to achieve it.

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to seriously consider the objectives related to dermo-cosmetics and the control of aging, but for this we must follow a series of resolutions that we want to share with all of you in this article.

1. Focus on quality beauty products

First of all, we encourage you to consume quality beauty products. You should always ask yourself which products your skin needs and which ones you apply to it. By this, we mean whether they are suitable products, whether they meet our needs. To do this, we encourage you to take our Skin Diagnostic that will tell you what your skin type is to find the perfect Skintsugi products for it.

2. Know how to apply the products

On the other hand, it is important to know how to apply the products. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect time to reconsider habits and take into account the movements and indications of each product. We must know if they need time to observe results, if it is necessary to apply which product more frequently or not, and of course, enjoy the moment, since it is a moment of real relaxation.

3. Pamper the forgotten parts of your body

On the other hand, there are forgotten areas that we do not pay attention to. In that sense, we are referring for example to the eye contour area, but it is not the only one. The décolleté, neck or hands are also important and each of them requires specific products to take care of them. We must select the best cosmetic products and above all, that they are suitable.

4. Control your stress

2022 is also the ideal time to control your stress. The skin and the nervous system are closely linked, being the reflection of our physical, psychological and mental state. On the other hand, the quality of the hours of sleep also has an important impact on the functioning and aging of the skin. Therefore, lack of sleep will weaken the skin’s natural ability to repair itself, which is why it is so important to get the necessary hours of sleep each day. Do not hesitate to apply one of our night balms to wake up with healthy skin.

To encourage you to have your moment of relaxation, we invite you to perform a cleansing routine with our specific products for it. In addition to getting a healthier and more luminous skin, you will be able to disconnect from all your stress.

5. Cleanse your skin daily

The new year is the ideal time to deepen the cleansing of your skin. If you don’t do it, the products you apply afterwards will not be able to work at 100%, because the impurities on the skin surface prevent their action, saturating the tissue in the long run. Cleansing is a fundamental step in the morning and twice as important at night. Keep in mind that perfect cleansing is not only achieved with micellar water, even though Skintsugi’s three-phase water is three-phase, we must combine it with the cleansing balm and the exfoliating micro volcanic gel.

6. Apply sunscreen all year round.

A fundamental element is to choose products that have sun protection all year round. At Skintsugi we have this aspect very internalized. Whether it rains, snows, is sunny or cloudy, UVA radiation is stable and, for this reason, it is important that we protect ourselves with a good filter every day without exception. Furthermore, studies have shown that even visible light from computer or cell phone screens can also cause skin blemishes and we should protect ourselves against this.

7. Winter is the ideal season to treat certain skin lesions.

Did you know that winter is the best time of the year to treat and eliminate certain skin lesions? This is because during this time of the year, sun exposure is reduced. It is the perfect time to get rid of sun spots, certain moles or spider veins at a time when there is less risk of pigmentation, greater comfort and better results.

8. Food and anti-aging products

Another important tip for 2022 is anti-aging nutrition. The keys to not aging are based on a good diet, an intake of antioxidants, a correct sun protection and choosing the Skintsugi products best suited to your skin type and needs. For example, you can apply our Advanced Anti-Wrinkles facial firming anti-wrinkle cream, our nourishing anti-aging balm or our precision wrinkle filler.

9. Beauty knows no age

Last but not least, beauty has no age. At 50 or 60, there is a loss of skin elasticity, density and volume. In spite of this, science today offers us different active ingredients, techniques and products to make the claim that “50 is the new 30” effective. A combination of suitable Skintsugi products as we indicated in the previous step and a correct way of life will slow down the aging process.

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